Monday, October 26, 2015

mindful capitalism: oxymoron or just New Age mumbo jumbo?

I notice an Australian 'Mindful' organisation advertising a part time job for a content producer. I’m not looking for work, though I know others who are. It’s an organisation I admire. How wonderful it could be to be part of something committed to “dedicating our efforts to something greater than ourselves”. 

“We are the change cultivating consciousness, self-care
and kindness”
organisation's manifesto

So how did this job stack up compared to working for a bog standard unmindful company?

The job description has the usual go-getter wording which seems at odd to the basis of mindfulness. For example, it enthuses the successful participant to multi-task, work out of hours and go above and beyond the call of duty.

It also fails to mention the salary range and terms and conditions of such a position. 

Is this mindful work or just the same old capitalism, dressing exploitation up is the latest version of New Age speak?

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