Monday, May 13, 2013

the comedian and the Grand Hotel Mildura

Dear Grand Hotel Mildura,

I'm sad and disappointed you cancelled a local comedian's recent booking on the grounds that it 'damaged your brand' to have her stay in your hotel. Sorry guys but it's your action that has done the damage, not the comedians views. I've eaten at the Grand before and if staying in Mildura in the future it would have been my first choice. Not now. Unless you make a public apology to the person concerned. No doubt you'll remove this comment but you still can't stop the news from going viral.

(take a closer look on her FB page)

It's become de rigueur to be a Deveny hater in the last couple of years post Bindigate. But when did it  become ok for hotels to cancel bookings on the basis of the client holding anti-war opinions. What next? White feathers?

But this is just small potatoes compared with the hate mail the comedian gets on a regular basis. If I opened my mailbox to being repeatedly being told I was a fat, ugly cunt who should be shot/murdered/raped it would do my head in. Take a look at her Top 100 Hate Comments, take a good look...what does this say about the world we live in? She must be the second most hated person in the country after our Prime Minister. This is more than a difference of opinion, this is person, it's sexual and it's sexist. Can you think of any Australian men who constantly cop this kind of repeated and disgusting abuse? 

If you still don't like Dev, that's your choice. Got to say I like and admire her even more in the face of this vitriol. It takes a lot of  guts and self-belief to soldier on through these kinds of threats.

You can email The Grand Hotel if you disagree with their policy of rejecting customers on the grounds of their political or social views. I really don't want to damage the business of a small business or a struggling town. I just want them to realise the error of their ways and apologise.

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