Sunday, February 03, 2013

new year

How's your new year going? Here's a short synopsis of the last couple of months.

Hung out in Newtown and had a big, combined family Christmas in Sydney.

We all survived.

And Sin City? This sign on Enmore Road sums it up nicely.

We did that loooong drive back to Melbourne. Really it's a boring trip. 

This summer I discovered I liked Campari. I'd never been able to stand the bitterness before. Now I love it. Does that mean I've become a grown up?

Hung out at the People's Market. Amazed to find the vegan food stall had the longest queues. Perhaps this is the year tofu triumphs over the pig?

 It's been the summer of home-made ice blocks. The mango/orange/lime/mint are my favourite.

Looking forward to summer school, getting on with a backlog of work projects, more trips to Sydney, planning my next overseas trip and my next meal.

It feels like it'll be a huge year but a more positive one than the last. I'm a year behind myself and the drive to catch up is ridiculous.

And you?

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