Tuesday, November 01, 2011

adventure tourism

Most people know that the Bungy jumping empire originated in NZ. The South Island in particular is littered with dangerous sports that brings adrenaline junkies flocking from around the world. From heliskiing to white knucklewater rafting, Aotearoa has the lot.

Now a government department appears to be cashing in on the trend.

The Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority is offering bus tours of the Red Zone. The Christchurch CBD has been off limits to most Cantabrians since the February quake, now there's a partial reopening just in time for the Christmas retail rush and CERA now runs a bus trip through the changed landscape.

The terms and conditions of the tour catapult a once benign outing into an adventure sport, complete with the following disclaimer.

Terms and conditions

When you phone CERA to make a booking you will be asked to respond to questions about terms and conditions in order for the booking to be completed. These include:

“The CBD red zone is an active demolition site and it is still dangerous. Do you appreciate that despite our best efforts you could still be trapped by an earthquake or falling building in the CBD red zone and you might not survive.”

“Do you still wish to participate in this visit?”

So do you?

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