Saturday, July 23, 2011

moving on

This winter's been crap.

Things that can go wrong, inevitably have.

Domestic necessities have broken (doorbell, dustbuster, VOIP connection, plumbing), flights/holidays got cancelled due to the ashcloud and a deranged intruder busted up my workplace.

I've done the rounds of annual check ups...found a lovely new dentist who grew up in the next suburb to me, had a Hepatitis A jab (heading off for my third visit to Asia in recent years and I so love the Russian Roulette of street food dining) and the doctor as always got alarmed over a skin lesion. This is the third skin cancer scare and it doesn't get any easier dealing with the wait between GP and specialist.

But the good news is:
1. she didn't have to drill
2. it didn't hurt that much (though I milked it for maximum sympathy from the Not Boyfriend)
3. it wasn't

I'm putting the universe on notice, I'm officially moved on from all this shit

and fog

to welcome in the magic

In my mind I'm not going to California.

But very soon I'm going


and here

Winter's been a funny, old time....but I can feel spring rising in my bones.

*yes, I'm time traveling back to my hometown circa late 1960's

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

did you hear the one about the dominatrix...

Did you hear the one about the dominatrix who had her first bra fitting?

Or rather, have you read Mistress Matisse's blog post on the subject?

As a woman who only ever gets expert assistance when buying a bra (who'd think they'd change their shape so darn often?), it's hard to imagine that someone whose professional life revolves around a state of undress doesn't know their real bra size.

It's a humorous insight about what goes on in those little cubicles in the lingerie department of any good department store. Especially for the blokes who have no idea what happens...

I wondered if the Measuring Bra was like The Sorting Hat. Was it going to sing a song about my boobs?

Mistress Matisse gets her D cup on.

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