Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes, it's been slim pickings here at otherrants central lately.

Life swirls round out there. Recently an old friend's mum died, necessitating the ex-pat to head back for the home-in-wait vigil. I myself am on the verge of the same.

In the meantime I'm Keeping Calm and Carrying On, as you do.

Things that are inspiring me on a grey Monday Morning

I've just finished editing an article that I found quite uplifting to write. It involved dipping into the vast well of the internet and finding some inspiring research. My favourites included a number on the medicinal benefits of being in nature. I love the research of Richard Ryan at the University of Rochester, especially his study that shows nature makes us more caring.

Speaking of which, I had a dose of small scale nature on the weekend.

Take half a truck of mixed mushroom and organic compost.

Take two people and a couple of shovels.

Add about 50 wheel barrow loads of the lovely compost to this

depleted garden bed

Rub sore muscles as required

Top with lucerne and water.

Speaking of gardens. Take 12 minutes and watch this lovely video about gardening and life.

I adore this woman. Not sure when the piece was made but considering she was born in the 1880's I'm pretty sure it was shot on film. I loved the calming muted colours and clarity of birdsong throughout. But it was this wonderful quote towards the end that made me fall for Ruth Stout.
My father said to me once, “Ruth it’s good to think for yourself but just once in a long time couldn’t you think like other people?” And I asked him, “Like who?” and he changed the subject.

One last piece of inspiration during "interesting" times. 4hunderdthousand Stories documents positive stories, light hearted moments and acts of kindness from the recent Christchurch earthquake. Take a look.

Want to share what's inspiring you?

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Anonymous tc said...

Sorry to hear that. Thank you for all the loveliness that you have shared in this post.


8:11 pm  
Anonymous Helen said...

I'm about to attend a funeral of a friend who died suddenly (exact details still unknown) and thinking "there'll be a lot more of this in a couple of years, my golly yes." Thinking of you.

6:28 am  
Anonymous Helen said...

Funerals, I mean, not friends dying suddenly. I hope.

6:28 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Thanks Tracy and Helen. While death is inevitable the timing, an aging parent in their 80's versus a contemporary, is the key. And yes, sadly, we are of an age when funerals of all kinds will no doubt become less of a novelty.

7:33 am  

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