Wednesday, March 02, 2011

finally another survivor from the Christchurch ruins

A week after the earthquake Gerry the cat has been rescued from wrecked Christchurch CBD. The uninjured feline who lived in a yoga studio was yesterday reunited with his cat sitter.

In other news, #quakewars erupted last night on twitter. A 4.5 earthquake shook Wellington around bedtime, quickly followed by a 4.6 aftershock in Christchurch. Great to see a sense of humour and gentle rivalry at times like this.

Also emerging on twitter a week on is the economic impact rippling through the country, there's been stories of people in other cities loosing their jobs and general doom and gloom with pundits tipping the disaster could push NZ into recession.

Want to own a piece of earthquake memorabilia?

It's going to take years to rebuild the city of Christchurch and many of the lives in it. Give til it hurts Aussies!
Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

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Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

there is clearly something wrong with me that I would think first of the animals in any disaster.
Think of the pet shops.
People always get help, but pets get abandoned in the rush to survive and I grieve for them, and have too much sympathy for this cat without water for a week.
Today Wellington has had a Richter 4 so I feel for them not sleeping well tonight.
The planet is our master.

peace and love to you

1:21 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

A 4.5 quake is nothing to a Wellingtonian but in the context of total devastation in Christchurch most people quite rightly have the jitters right now.

Whenever I get back from a safe trip home to Wgtn I have to stop myself kissing the ground at Tullamarine in thanks that there was no big quake while I was there.

I'm in Wellington 2-5 times a year for 4-7 days. i reckon I feel a quake 1:4 visits. 5 fault lines. 50 years overdue for a "big one".

7:01 pm  

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