Thursday, March 03, 2011

awesome maori guy interview

During my immersion in New Zealand media since 22 February I've developed a deep dislike of John Campbell, the presenter of a kiwi tabloid TV news program. However, his show has an interview with the awesome maori Samoan guy including footage (sans the lifeless body shots).

Watch the interview

In further quake news, hope has faded for finding anyone else alive in the rubble and "with considerable sorrow" the search and rescue teams have transitioned from rescue to recovery mode. Seventy survivors have been pulled from the wreckage, the last being over a week ago, 25 hours after the earthquake.Ten survivors have undergone amputations. While the fatality count is currently 161, officials estimate the final figure to be around 220.

Other than donating to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal what New Zealand desperately needs is tourists. Beyond Christchurch city, the rest of the country is safe and open for business. The quake has shaken the New Zealand economy and the Aus/NZ exchange rate is currently a whopping $1.35. There's never been a better time to cruise on the Fiords, raise your heart rate in Queensland, sip a latte in Wellington or catch the end of the summer sun on Whale Beach (oops, I shouldn't have mentioned that, it's a Northland secret).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

raise your heart rate in (beautiful) QueensTOWN ...
you are clearly a bit wrought, and justifiably so.
go here for the 'light' side.

love Brownie

8:11 am  

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