Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was listening to the hoopla on 774 this morning about the beat up that not all government departments observe the minutes silence on the 11th hour today. One caller, a WW2 soldier, was equally upset that the day is referred to as Remembrance rather than Armistice Day. Faine tried to whip him up into a post-traumatic stress frenzy, wanting him to reveal his war experiences but the digger remained largely silent about it.

I was busy buying mangoes at the market when the moment came. If I was silent it would have been purely coincidental. But that doesn't mean I have forgotten. Rather that I am honouring my grandfather, in my own way, with our shared love of food. I never knew him but from his war diary I've deduced we both appreciate(d) decent tucker.

My grandfather, all spruced up and ready for war. Love those gators!

Bully beef and biscuits his thoughts on army food.

His diary entries from the battle of Messines where he is wounded.

A postcard from the ward (Oatlands).

A postcard from the New Zealand Soldiers' Club (London)

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Blogger librarygirl said...

Yes, I was in the gardens at Heide and noted the red poppies which are growing in abundance. I don't have to have a regulation to make me think and reflect.

4:40 pm  
Blogger aniranianboyopinions said...

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11:13 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Faine...hmmm...why does that not surprise me?

8:32 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Faine really polarizes listeners. Personally I think his producers deserve a medal working with an ego like his. At least I can choose to skip over him on the dial (just every now and then there's a guest I know who I want to listen to).

6:29 pm  

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