Saturday, November 27, 2010

apathetic political blogger

The entire Victorian election campaign has run without a whisper of a mention on this page. Why? Well, I'm patently more interested in writing about food than politics these days. Please forgive me.

I will say that on a local level, the seat of Melbourne is a direct battle between Labour and The Greens. The Liberal party doesn't get a look in around here. Two posters abound in this neighbourhood. Labour is running its simple red on white placards pronouncing "I like Pike", catchy but rather meaningless. The litter in my letter box from that party has been yet another anti-Greens campaign. Sadly, not a single love letter from Peter Garrett this time. Who'd have reckoned he'd have lost his cred with the environmental crowd when he joined Labour?

Oh and Peter, I'm still waiting for a reply to my letters, the ones I sent you in 2006.

The Greens on the other hand have managed to sum up the thoughts of many disaffected Labour voters. Their billboards feature ordinary people saying "My values haven't changed, my vote has". Simple and effective.

So does an intelligent voter in this neighbourhood go for the person who presents herself as likable (yes but Minister Pike what have you done that you're proud of lately?) or the man with values (a human rights barrister who I've heard talk at many public events over the years)?

The electorate will decide.

It could be a long night, or week due to the high amount of early votes this year that won't be counted til Monday.

For a more thoughtful piece on Labour's score card, read Helen's post on Why I'm not voting Labour tomorrow.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was listening to the hoopla on 774 this morning about the beat up that not all government departments observe the minutes silence on the 11th hour today. One caller, a WW2 soldier, was equally upset that the day is referred to as Remembrance rather than Armistice Day. Faine tried to whip him up into a post-traumatic stress frenzy, wanting him to reveal his war experiences but the digger remained largely silent about it.

I was busy buying mangoes at the market when the moment came. If I was silent it would have been purely coincidental. But that doesn't mean I have forgotten. Rather that I am honouring my grandfather, in my own way, with our shared love of food. I never knew him but from his war diary I've deduced we both appreciate(d) decent tucker.

My grandfather, all spruced up and ready for war. Love those gators!

Bully beef and biscuits his thoughts on army food.

His diary entries from the battle of Messines where he is wounded.

A postcard from the ward (Oatlands).

A postcard from the New Zealand Soldiers' Club (London)

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Monday, November 01, 2010

do we really?

Two images from Sydney.

The first the sassy edge, near Enmore Road.

The second in the heart of the city.

At first I thought this was performance art, then I realised it really was a homeless man trying to have a sleep in the shade in a side street park, while the fat cats chowed down on lunch pretending to not see him.

StreetSmart is on again this year. 8 November - 24 December. Please eat generously.

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