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Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

... not only those, but the biggest impetus to wordy-creativity is to turn the final page of a story one has not been able to put down.

Similar to eating a great meal and wanting to replicate the thrill.

Because I am sharing a roof with a person whose alarm is set to 6:30AM, when it went off this morning, I just put earplugs in to block the sound of his blaring radios and picked up a book by Christopher Brookmyre - One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night, and revelled in every page of hilarious violence. Finished at 12:20pm

Worth far more than the 50c the Rye Community Opshop now has. They deserve more for their alphabetically-ordered bookshelves.

While thinking that Brookmyre's brilliant style could not be emulated, somehow it was possible to dream of producing something similar.
I suppose writing, like reading, is an escape too. I'm escaping to the sunshine now. Weeding and yardwork is conducive to composition too.
Good luck Ms Rants

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