Friday, August 20, 2010

we will or we won't

Yes I have been stupidly quiet during this election. But there is little to be said here that hasn't been said before.

Perhaps the Chaser boys sum it up best with this song.

Theyr'e all f*cked

Though there are some degrees of f*cked-ness.

Both major parties have gone backwards in terms of a humanitarian approach to refugees, gay marriage and continue to throw over $400 million at the school chaplaincy program.

The Mad Monk however has gone a step further in back to the future reform by at the eleventh hour reviving the ID card. It's almost as if Labour and Liberal are duking it out to see who'll come up with the most draconian policies.

Of course there are worse parties, Family First being the obvious one. If nothing else tomorrow, before you head to the ballot box check this nifty site to find the party preferences for the Senate in every state. Vote Below The Line if easy to use, you can even print your own how to vote card. Whatever the outcome of this election, please let's not have another preferences deal senator (yes, I'm looking at you dumb labor votors who voted above the line) from an off the planet party representing us again. One Senator Fielding was more than enough.

And while we are on the subject of climate change deniers, Abbott and many of his cronies are still not convinced that our polluting lifestyle has anything to do with the accelerated death of the planet.

The way I see it as far as the major parties policies go (I'm sure they have some hidden under the facade of this being a presidential-style election campaign) it is a choice of right or further right. I hope 2010 sees the re-emergence of a strong third party, left leaning presence in the senate to reign in the worst of the legislation. Though perhaps one more uncompromising than in the UK.

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

p.s. how to be alone

Lovely synchronicity. After writing the last post I stumbled on this beautiful video by Canadian poet/songstress Tanya Davis in collaboration with filmmaker Andrea Dorfman. It made my day!

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life update in bullet points

• He’s moving interstate
• I’m not
• We’re not breaking up
• No idea how a long distance relationship will work
• Is it really “distance” when the plane flight is shorter than a lot of people’s daily commute to work?
• Oh and there’s skype, free/cheap phone calls and regular visits

• Craving nature
• Desiring equal parts solitude and human connection
• Need a holiday - with no phone or computer, just sunshine, a different culture, tasty food, water to swim in
• The aging parents stuff continues, at times it feels like I’m being slowly buried under a tonne of earth

• So disappointed that neither the real Julia or the real Tony have shown themselves thus far in this election campaign
• Confused by who the real Kevin is – the automaton or the emotionally broken uncle who cries at family parties
• Wondering if the Greens could really be “king makers” and fearful that they’d turn out to be Lib Dems instead.

We’re living in interesting times.

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