Thursday, May 27, 2010

what I did last night

For art, or cultural studies, loving Melbournians there's a new show on at the RMIT gallery til the end of next week that you might like to take a look at.

Seven artists (Rex Armstrong.Nicholas Chin.Sun Kyung Im.Nada Jaza.Judy Leong.Ying Hong, Li (Sophia) and Carmenza Jimenez) from diverse backgrounds explore the liminality of hybridity, the threshold between cultures. Inspired by the slippage between native and foreigner that is inherent in immigration, these artists work individually and collaboratively across the disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture and media installation and sound.

It is a bite sized exhibition, inspiring but in a small enough space to take in a visit during a lunch break. That is just as well as the gallery is only open on weekdays.

RMIT School of Art Gallery - Building 2
Bowen Street, Melbourne (map)
25 May - 04 June 2010
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Would The Age publish this now?

Some would say Catherine Deveny was sacked for expressing less offensive opinions, this classic Leunig cartoon from 1997 goes contrary to current public health edicts. Would the sentiments he expresses get pass the Fairfax censor now?

click on image to enlarge

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

to facebook or not to facebook, that is the question

Facebook was fun to begin with but over time I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the changes in their privacy policy. You know they have a right to use all your personal information and anything you've posted there, don't you?

I've weaned myself off status updates (with minor lapses) and currently I'm using it to receive invites for events, such as exhibition openings. But the real reason I haven't hit the delete button is a growing addiction to the odd game or two. I thought I would have got bored with bejeweled by now but strangely I haven't.

One day I suspect I'll just bite the bullet and opt out. Of course Facebook want to keep all my personal information, and yours, so they are making it very difficult. I'm archiving the following link, to remind myself that deactivation is different to deletion. Of course if you know all the ins and outs of that but haven't found how to actually delete your account, here's how to get deep into the belly of Facebook and directly delete your account - forever.

Forever, right? Well be warned. The above link with it's various steps will be aborted if you even accidentally click onto Facebook in the 14 days following your delete procedure. That means no clicking on those twitter links that annoyingly take you to Facebook pages without warning.

Have any of you deleted Facebook? Have you missed it?

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