Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blogging with dinosaurs - Thorpie, Bush and me

I’m meant to be researching a serious article. A work related piece. Niggling at the back of my mind was a feeling that I’d covered some of the same ground on this blog, so off I’ve been on a delightful wild goose chase.

I know it’s seen as bad form to laugh at your own jokes but perhaps a giggle at your own expense is not too bad. The last 30 minutes has reminded me of how much I miss my old blog. I’d forgotten about my wee obsession with Thorpie or sharing the joys of my socks drawer. I’m also left wondering what happened to the Aussie genius who invented a line of scratch and sniff underwear back in 2006? And in a sneaking way miss having Bush and Howard to continually vent about. When it comes down to it, the political demise of those two clowns may have killed political blogging for me, though with an election looming you can bet on me for reminding you of how we got a god-bothering fundamentalist representing Victoria in the senate.

But what I wonder most of all is where are so many of my fellow bloggers from way back then are now? Where are you jaded DJ, Boysenberry, Justine, Muse, Aleks…only the odd stalwart commenters from that time still updates their old blogs.

Blogging about things other than food have become random for me. When I spoke at the food blogging conference recently I suggested the only ‘rule’ to this pursuit is to only do it if you enjoy it. A blog is a labour of love, but just sometimes it makes me giggle which aint a bad thing in my book.

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Blogger Ann ODyne said...

Your rants have mellowed dear healthy philosopher.
Poor Jaded DJ probably in a padded booth now, from all his awful clients ridiculous demands.
I will confess to bonding with the first wave of bloggers I met.
For instance, in February 2005 dear Boynton explained how to link.
A toast to missing friends though.

5:29 pm  
Blogger I Saw You Dancing said...

Funny you should say that: my pals and I were just chatting the other day about how less funny the likes of Jon Stewart and Rod Quantok are without George W. and John W. (respectively) providing them with easy material.
I must have missed your Thorpie obsession but can't say that I am all that unhappy about that! ;-)
The sock draw sounds intriguing tho...

8:16 pm  

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