Tuesday, January 12, 2010


...like that did a lot of good.

Photo: Collins St, Melbourne. December 2009.

After a searing day, Melbourne is set to record its hottest-ever night, with daily minimum temperatures hovering well above 30 degrees across the metropolitan area.

Melbourne's CBD recorded an overnight low of 32.3 degrees at 5.57am, while Essendon reached 31.4 at 12.45am, Moorabbin fell to 31.8 at 5.11am, and Viewbank recorded 31.6 at 6.18am.

Some parts of the city experienced cooler conditions, but not by much. The mercury dipped to 28.3 in Frankston, Avalon recorded 25.8 degrees and on Mount Dandenong fell to 27.6.
Taking a dip at Brighton.

Taking a dip at Brighton. Photo: Penny Stephens

Elsewhere in the state, Airey’s Inlet fell to only 27.6, Ballarat hit 25, Portland enjoyed a comparatively cool 21.4, but Mildura fell to only 30.7 at 6.08am.

The oppressive overnight heat means Melbourne could have a new weather record on the books by 9am, when the Bureau of Meteorology will announce the official daily minimum.

Senior forecaster Peter Blake said the city's current highest recorded daily minimum temperature of 30.6 was set in February 1902.

But with the mercury dipping to only 32.3 at 5:57am, and rising to 32.6 by 7.50am, Mr Blake said a new record was on the card.

Full report in The Age

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Blogger BwcaBrownie said...

I keep thinking about The Ice Age and that there is no reason why this nightmare should not get worse. Nobody understands the planet.
They were clearly not copin' in Copenhagen, as we are not coping here.
IF you are thinking the air would be cooler out in the open countryside let me save you the drive.
I spent a lot of yesterday parked on top of a hill with a clear 360 degree view of all the horizons, watching for smoke. The 'breeze' was like a fan-forced oven.
I have water dishes everywhere for the birds, and last night I sprayed them with water and they sat still for it - wrens, wagtails, magpies.

Though those brutal philistine farmers continued their production of veal parmagianas for all the carnivorous bogans in Melbourne pubs.
I can excuse the ignorance of city folk who eat meat, but farmers eat it in the full knowledge of all the chemicals and cruelty involved.
A pox on 'em.
I was spraying water on the long grass where I have seen the green, yellow,and cream frogs hopping about.
Does yesterdays 44-degree heat help us understand the combative culture of all the Middle Eastern desert nationalities who live it constantly? Today I am crabby and tired and I am nowhere near The Gaza Strip.

9:49 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Cop-out-enhagen I say.

I have no children. I will have no grandchildren to motivate me to to be a better custodian of this planet. Yet I refuse to go to bed and run the aircon all night. How can I want to save the planet yet put my own comfort first.

The NB thinks I'm crazy and cursed me for making him sleep with just a fan on. We were fine.

But I wonder who I'm doing this for? Am sure most of the generation that I'm saving the planet for wouldn't blink to consider having the air con all night for their comfort.

8:21 am  
Blogger Ann ODyne said...

The production of meat is a totally polluting industry in several ways, and distresses me, as does the sight of calves in a treeless paddock up the road.

I forgot to mention that hose water I sprayed on the birds was pumped from the dam, and we had 4mm yesterday which replaced it.
The toilet is connected to the dam too - takes a bit of getting used to.
Air-con is a particular devil if you ask me. I can recall an era when 'pollution' was rarely heard beyond a description of rubbish in the Yarra, and it was a time when nobody had air-con.
Who could successfully argue that:
a million units spewing hot air into an already warm sky do not increase the heat.
The Fall Of The Roman Empire keeps coming to mind.

10:24 am  

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