Thursday, January 28, 2010

What me? One dimensional?

I've tried to ignore the latest media flurry created by our leader of the opposition, well known for his devout Catholicism and equally well known for his own sexual romps before the sanctity of marriage (due to a very public paternity test), regarding the sanctity of virginity. In 2010 I find it frankly ludicrous that any want-to-be Prime Minister is playing the girls-should-be-virgins-til-they-marry card. I mean, marriage? In 2010? Surely we've entered the age when the State or church having any rightful place in an intimate relationship is irrelevant?

Obviously (and sadly) not.

But now the whole parliament has gotten in on the act and as Our Julia (Patron Saint of the Deliberately Barren) has been attacked once more for her child-free status - I have to cough up the old fur ball.

Senator Brandis (The Hon George Brandis, Liberal Senator for Queensland) is all his wisdom has denounced Julia for being "one dimensional" by not being a mother.

Senator Brandis said: ''Julia Gillard, who … has chosen not to be a parent - and everybody respects her right - in the vehemence of her reaction in fact shows that she just doesn't understand the way parents think about their children when they reach a particular age.

''Although Julia Gillard is a very clever politician, she is very much a one-dimensional person and I do think her reaction, her overreaction to the quite unexceptional remarks Tony Abbott made as the father of daughters, is not something she would have said if she were herself the mother of teenage daughters.''
Source The Age

Almost every friend I know with a teenage daughter has not expressed any desire for their offspring to remain an eternal virgin, til kissed like sleeping beauty and awoken by a husband. Most have bought them a double bed, given a pep talk about choice versus social coercion, discussed safe sex and said - if its going to happen its better here where we know she is safe.

It's Tony Abbott who resides in a single, out dated dimension. It's Abbott whose shown himself unfit to lead a progressive country.

And Julia whose shown wisdom and multi-dimensionality by not taking the barren bait and spitting it back in the oppositions face.

Who'd you prefer to lead the country?

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Anonymous newswithnipples said...

Julia! Julia! Julia! That's who I want leading the country. I can't believe the sexist double-act that is Abbott and Brandis. Part of me finds it ridiculous that his views have caused such a stir (really, is anyone surprised that he wants control of all the hymens?) and the other part is glad that now there's no doubt about his views on women.

5:26 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Welcome newswithnipple - I love your moniker and enjoy acquainting myself with your excellent blog.

I fear though that there are a number of (obviously misguided) men and women who agree with him. Just talk to the driver of the next cab you get into!

5:58 pm  
Anonymous newswithnipples said...

Thanks, that's quite the welcome. I was watching comments yesterday on different News Ltd and Fairfax sites and there are so many people who think Abbott was just being a parent and that the media blew it out of proportion. His popularity went up. He played us all, and everyone fell for it.

6:26 pm  
Blogger Ann ODyne said...

Dear Tony, the Father of that girl you thought you knocked up really really wishes SHE had repelled your advances.
She would not have been NATIONAL News as a result.
Your own daughters and their boyfriends must be positively CRINGING that their lustful intentions are now the dinner-table conversation topic of the nation. You twunt.
Yrs sincerely,
President of Dear God We Want Julia to Reign Over Us Inc.

9:05 pm  

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