Saturday, January 23, 2010

free stuff

January seems to be the month of moving or decluttering around these parts. In the last two weeks I've scored as many plastic/wooden coat hangers as I needed from a box of at least 50 just off Brunswick St (I took only 6) but the real bonus came this week when I saw a rather good looking bbq (a beefmaster) - 4 burner, hood and wok burner needing a new home. I alerted the NB, who talks wistfully of cooking a leg of lamb (hood required) and other such things that my basic model can't do. He gave it the thumbs up, trundled it the short distance home and got working with his trusty Mr Buzzy and the thing is as good as new (or will be with a decent clean).

Good non-meat eating, not girlfriend aint I!

I love road-side recycling. My last big find was an orange wing chair, not that old but the fabric was a bit worn. A cotton throw covers it for now (sadly til the demise of the Siamese cat, the little darling has wrecked every soft furnishing in the house) until the opportunity arises to recover it.

It's a case of everything that comes around, goes around. I've passed on all sorts of goods from a shopping trolley to a washing machine.

Have you scored any free stuff lately?

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Blogger Ann ODyne said...

everyone loves Hard Rubbish Drive cruising. Sorrow At Sills Bend has done some good posts on her adventures.

7:30 pm  

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