Sunday, December 13, 2009

was crying, now ranting

I did find something to top the TAC video for weepies shortly after my last post. In one of those yuletide (yet totally sober) moments of stupidity I managed to stab the side of my index finger at full force with the point of my scissors. There goes the homemade solstice cards...and a heck of a lot else. While the actual laceration was relatively minor and the bleeding got under control in a reasonable time I appear to have damaged one of the nerves in said finger. The result is numbness (all the time) and odd moments of excruciating pain if I am silly enough to extend my finger. You'd be surprised how often I perform that action, as if a little bit of finger action is all that keeps me balanced as I go about my business.

It didn't stop me from going to the Xmas gig of My Friend the Chocolate cake though (said accident occurred shortly before we were to leave and when asked by the NB whether I wanted to go to hospital instead I shouted "Noooooooooooo....want Chocolate Cake").

Frequent doses of brandy helped.

Three days on still have the numbness to one side of my finger above the stab wound and the acute pain above the wound elicits a fair amount of swearing and reasons to not do the washing up.

On the ranting front I have yet more complaints about Telstra which has a monopoly on high speed broadband in this suburb (due to problems with our inner city Melbourne phone exchange). The supposedly high speed cable has been suspiciously slow in recent weeks. With the NB now away and only one computer running it hasn't solved the problem. This occurred around the school holidays last summer, which no longer seems a coincidence as it's happening again. I checked my records. We finally spit the dummy and contacted Telstra in the first week of January and it took them FIVE WEEKS to respond to the complaint. The whole thing was laughable. Tried to ring them during the time but there are only so many hours of your life you can wait on hold to get connected to an Indian call centre. By the time they looked into the problem things were miraculously back to normal.

On the upside, have you been pissed off with the pesky video ads that keep popping up on The Age site, or is it just me? Really annoying and chews up unnecessary bandwidth. I've found a firefox ad on that blocks the ads here. Have run The Age site for the past hour and it's blocked over 40 fairfax generated ads already. Not a peek of advertising has snuck through. Magic.

Have been making stuff but can't say more just yet til my sister, who will be visiting for the festive season, promises to stop reading the blog til her holiday or she'll have no surprises.

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Blogger BwcaBrownie said...

I do hope That Scissor Incident was not part of creating sister gift, and you were correct in prescribing MFTCC-gig as appropriate first-aid in a pain situation.

My browser is Guugle Chrome and it must block pop-ups, thank god.
We all despise Telstra's deluded claims for their non-service.
One day the barricades will go up.
Power to the peeps.

ooeee - my WV is a bogan girl's name

8:27 pm  
Blogger BwcaBrownie said...

Hold the phoney: Telstra's 'customer' unmasked

Megan Lane appeared on radio and TV yesterday as an angry Telstra customer as part of the company's new My Telstra Experience campaign, but Crikey can reveal that Lane worked as a Telstra spin doctor until 2002, writes Andrew Crook at Crikey Business

8:35 pm  
Blogger BwcaBrownie said...

and there's more:
Telstra Price 'Reductions'
I spent some time 'analysing' the Telstra announcement of new ADSL pricing to attempt to understand what Telstra were aiming to address ...
John Linton's Musings

8:40 pm  
Blogger Ann ODyne said...

Mr Geek has a connection speed tester.

8:51 pm  
Anonymous Helen said...

Oh what a yucky injury. Commiserations to you.
I'm annoyed not so much by the AGE popup ads, although they are annoying, as those half-page rectangular ad wraparound pages they insert in the dead tree version. The broadsheet format is bad enough on public transport but those bloody things fall out at your feet. I'm going to consciously avoid buying any products or services advertised that way.

w/v = jackable, which is how you feel when the dreadful insert falls out on the platform. Combination of ropeable and jacked off.

9:27 pm  
Blogger Cindy said...

Eek - I wish you rapid healing and maximum dexterity!

Thanks for the tip on Adblock Plus - the increasing number of video ads has been driving me bonkers.

11:47 am  
Blogger Johanna said...

ouch - hope your finger recovers rapidly - nothing like a silly accident to remind you how important fingers are - I too would far prefer a my friend the chocolate cake gig to the hospital - if you spend enough of your life on hold to telstra you don't want to add hours in emergency

6:21 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Thanks for all your kind words and funny stories.

Finger still NQR but first morning in 7 days that I woke up not in pain. Managed to do the dishes, put on a load of washing and other domestics before work, so while still numb/sore it is improving.

Told sister to not look at my blogs til she gets here as she is up for disappointment ("OH you mean you're finger is not up to making more truffles?!" she cried "what do you mean, you've drunk all the lemon cordial")...

Lots of general weirdness in my world right now. Can't wait til the beginning of January til I can crawl into my cave for a week.

8:41 am  
Blogger BwcaBrownie said...

oh - cordial - despite suspecting it's synthetic ingredients I am hooked on the Peach/Tea flavoured one by Bickfords. I got it at Coles.

1:25 pm  

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