Saturday, December 19, 2009

stormy afternoon in Richmond

During the week I trekked across town, braving the achingly slow traffic on Hoddle St/Punt Rd, to Richmond. I mercy dash to get a little treat for my sister's upcoming visit.

The shop I was after lay just a few blocks away from her first home in this city almost 30 years ago, off Swan St. If you leaned out on the balcony and turned your head at an awkward angle you could see the clock on top of Dimmey's.

Wandering through the side streets of this corner of Richmond I'd forgotten what a charming place it is. Dotted with quirky shops, proud old buildings and a sense of history.

After my errand I scampered up Lennox Street to Bridge Road while the grey sky thundered and managed to duck into the Tofu Shop before the clouds dumped their load. Just as I finished my last mouthful of tofu, tempeh and vegetables the rain stopped and I headed back on the streets once more and submitted myself to the pre-Christmas traffic mayhem, singing Found Objects anthemic "Punt Road" (oh if only a copy of that song survived - Frank whatever happened to the Found Objects back cataglogue?).

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