Thursday, December 03, 2009

behind and ahead

I’ve been thinking about goal setting lately. There are some lumps on the 2010 landscape that are of unknown magnitude at this point in the journey, I’m thinking if I get my head clear on the things that are important to me in the here and now, it may help me navigate this unknown topography.

One of the standout personal issues to be unearthed thus far is my relationship with fun. Aside from a friend dying, two elderly parents (one whose had cancer, the other slipping slowly into the arms of dementia) and the prospect of my partner (he called me his soul mate the other day) planning to up and leave to another state in the new year…there are rich joys to be celebrated in my life.

I’ve tried to keep this blog less focused on the personal but as the delightful Frances from The Librarians says, “My blog (country), my rules” – so I’m going to break code for a while. I’ve always found breaking the rules fun.

On a whim I signed up for Mondo Beyondo in January. The women behind the course, Andrea and Jen, ask “What happens when you give an unspoken wish a place to become a dream come true? How do you gather the courage required to help a new found dream soar?”. Right now my dreams are buried so deeply it’s going to take some strenuous digging to relocate them, let alone get them airborne. But why not give it a go?

Sometimes to move forward we need to acknowledge and farewell what is behind us. So in the spirit of finding my fun mojo again I’m going to play with Gwen Bell’s The best of 2009 blog challenge.

The guidelines to #best09 are delightfully fluid. To reflect on the year that’s almost gone you can do one or all thirty-one of the a prompts, from a short post, a photo to a 3,000 word essay. I’m a few days late starting this but what the heck.

How’s your year been? What’s 2010 looking like for you?

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