Monday, June 08, 2009

Volume by UVA at Fed Square

United Visual Artists is a unique, UK based arts collective. Encompassing design, architecture and software development this group is mostly known for its temporary installations in public spaces. Thanks to Twitter (go Marcus Westbury!) we lucked upon a free talk given by one of the directors and a producer from UVA and listened to a great panel discussion about art in public spaces hosted by The Light in Winter Festival.

Volume, initially commissioned as a temporary exhibition for the V&A in London, uses light and sound to entice you to interact with the installation. While the interactive aspect is effective during daylight hours, as night falls it comes into a magical life of its own interacting with not just the human experience but the architecture within which it is positioned.

It is wonderful to watch the way that children jump, dance and play with the sculpture but do yourself a favour, line up and experience the piece first hand for yourself.

UVA is situated at Fed Square opposite St Paul’ until the 5th of July.

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