Tuesday, April 07, 2009

48 hours

Roller Derby.

Lunch at the Standard with TigTog and Tim. Chats about comedy, blogging, Tim’s report of the Wedding of the Year, politics, roasted potatoes, calamari salad.

“Mother of the Year” (thanks Tigtog) gotta love Catherine Deveny, not that I wish she was my mother. Nice tight show with three very funny women (more about it whilst wearing a different hat over at DB).

Steve Coogan @ The Forum: great venue as always, good use of audio/visuals, unknown characters, a bit too much singing. Would have been funnier in the ‘80s.

Lunch at Misuzu’s: wonderful company, a shared platter of mystery foods, first rhubarb crumble of the season – superb!

Shopping in South Melbourne: pushy saleswoman trying to flog outrageously expensive clothes, when I patently wasn't interested. Even as I was walking out was calling, "Would you be interested in some black trousers?". Sweet and competent woman at the lingerie shop a different kettle of fish. Broke the news to me kindly that I have journeyed from a DD to an E and fitted me with a pretty number to soften the blow.

Home: Ran out of time to catch the Pinch’s farewell show @ Trades so listened to it on the radio instead, while making quinoa pilaf and tempeh for dinner.

Like the rat on the proverbial wheel, in the next 48 hours I will be peddling even faster. Catch you after the bunny delivers the eggs.

PS: writing every morning - yippee!

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Blogger TimT said...

I can still taste those chunky potatoes and beer now. Lunch with you and TigTog is a good place to be on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

11:04 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

TT :)

9:15 pm  

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