Thursday, April 30, 2009

just because

I'd really like to know...

Newry St, North Fitzroy

Is he?

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Monday, April 27, 2009

not an urban forest

Small figurine, not a giant tree.

Newry St, North Fitzroy

Swine flu prevention?

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

by jingo - cultural identity, football, feminism and the ANZACs

I’m “in bed with a wog”, as the Not Boyfriend likes to say. With a head full of mucus and the fuzziness that comes form only four hours sleep due to a hacking cough, I’m not up to the ANZAC day post I was rousing myself to write. It was to be more from my Grandfather’s WWI diary but the state of my head and his spidery writing has defeated me.

However, a more refreshing take on the day can be found in Ruby Murray’s piece in Eureka Street exploring “The false nationalism of Anzac day and football”, looking at how the day has segued from the dawn parade to the “traditional” footy match at the MCG. Has ANZAC day become our 4th of July, celebrating nationhood rather than remembering the horrors of war?

Though, I have to comment as one of those feminists who got all uppity in the ‘80’s about the forgotten victims of war – the women who were raped and killed, it felt really strange to read “In this century, feminists no longer march in the streets”. Actually we do. “Reclaim the Night” is still in existence thirty years on, protesting about sexual violence and abuse towards women.

As a feminist from another century, I am saddened not only for all those men who lost their lives or a piece of their soul in those all too frequent theatres of war but also for the women whose stories have gone untold or unacknowledged and the aboriginals who served often without pay or nationhood. Like Murray, I too see this as no day to celebrate our cultural identity.

WWI ephemera and family history:
”Plenty of rats for mates” from the trenches at Messines.

A postcard from the wards, transported back to a military hospital in England, 1917.

Food from the troop ship to the trenches, “black frost completely frozen bread etc. All time a bully beef and biscuit now”

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wellington snapshots

The blogger I follow went to Wellington for five days and all I got were these lousy Iphone photos.

Well, not quite. I was the good daughter - cooking, cleaning, entertaining. I was the bad daughter - grumpy about not having access to a car for the first time since I got my license at 16. I was the very disappointing, very bad daughter - who said she couldn't get back for another visit in 6 weeks time to look after her mother with a middling stage of dementia, for a couple of weeks while her father cavorted around Europe.

So I was in lock down most of the time.

But I got out to take the following snaps.

"98% caffeine/2% human, he was an espressoholic". After being ousted from their Courtenay Place home, scene of a many late night drink, Espressoholic is soon to open doors at the old Dorothy Patisserie shop in Cuba Street.

"Newtown - it's a bit shit". This Cuba St clothes shop had me laughing out loud.

Why can't all sewer covers be so pretty?

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

48 hours

Roller Derby.

Lunch at the Standard with TigTog and Tim. Chats about comedy, blogging, Tim’s report of the Wedding of the Year, politics, roasted potatoes, calamari salad.

“Mother of the Year” (thanks Tigtog) gotta love Catherine Deveny, not that I wish she was my mother. Nice tight show with three very funny women (more about it whilst wearing a different hat over at DB).

Steve Coogan @ The Forum: great venue as always, good use of audio/visuals, unknown characters, a bit too much singing. Would have been funnier in the ‘80s.

Lunch at Misuzu’s: wonderful company, a shared platter of mystery foods, first rhubarb crumble of the season – superb!

Shopping in South Melbourne: pushy saleswoman trying to flog outrageously expensive clothes, when I patently wasn't interested. Even as I was walking out was calling, "Would you be interested in some black trousers?". Sweet and competent woman at the lingerie shop a different kettle of fish. Broke the news to me kindly that I have journeyed from a DD to an E and fitted me with a pretty number to soften the blow.

Home: Ran out of time to catch the Pinch’s farewell show @ Trades so listened to it on the radio instead, while making quinoa pilaf and tempeh for dinner.

Like the rat on the proverbial wheel, in the next 48 hours I will be peddling even faster. Catch you after the bunny delivers the eggs.

PS: writing every morning - yippee!

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday night in Reservoir

9.58 pm, Puckhandlers, Reservoir

This pic kind of sums up the whole Roller Derby experience.

An all ages, all subcultures gig. Part sport, part entertainment with a dance extravaganza at half time provided by "Real Hot Bitches".

Catherine Deveny was there, so maybe if The Age gives her the pay rise and she returns to popping out her opinion pieces you might read more about this unique experience.

But for now I will sum it up in the following words: JB&coke, punks, Bogan Bingo, Busted-up Bamby, hot chips, men in tutus, flannel shirts, tatoos, winnie blues, skates, grrls with attitude, what the hell was I doing there?

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kerry was wrong

Apparently that brown fizzy stuff *does* rot your teeth, make you fat and make you look stupid after all.

Who would have thunk it?

Previous post on that ad campaign.
More posts on gut rot.

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