Monday, March 02, 2009

been busy

Camping at the beach with the roos and wallabies.

Amusing visitors.

Cutting up my Amex card ("proudly a member since 1998").

Harvesting a colander a day of tomatoes.

Playing Lady Bountiful around my neighbourhood giving out parcels of fresh produce.

Eating grapes warmed by the sun, straight from the vine.

Dreaming of Bali.

Drying tomatoes and preserving them in garlicky oil.

Freezing grapes.

Doing my BAS and paying my GST.

Making raspberry I-can't-believe-its-not-ice-cream.

Appeasing grief-stricken howling cats in the middle of the night.

Not sleeping (see above).

Worrying about tomorrow's apocalyptic threats.

Still on the "to do" list:

2007-2008 tax return

work newsletter due yesterday

the dishes

clean the fridge (I really do think about such things in the middle of the night)

exercise (what's that?)

make a bunch of outstanding phone calls


And you?



Anonymous Helen said...

(Well, last month). Scroll down for v.similar tomato picture!

wv: oodarrin. Ooooh, Darrin!

6:32 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Helen - Are you out of tomatoes now? Want some?

7:17 pm  
Blogger Lene Andersen said...

Nothing as delightful as that. I am chartreuse with envy, but after the time you've had, well deserved. Hope it's healing.

12:58 pm  

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