Thursday, January 22, 2009

word perfect

In the sticky, windy, sweaty mess that is this summer's day in downtown Melbourne, I stumbled on this link.

Just as I suspected, I pay about as much attention to detail in my reading as I do my writing. Followed it word perfect!

PS: Tardy and belated thanks to the lovely Ann oDyne for arranging a blogmeet with a twist at the Bendigo Art Gallery last Sunday. A picnic, an illicit drink (who'd have thought it was illegal to drink in public spaces in a regional city?), bloggers from far and wide (if I didn't want to risk a howler for spending time blogging while I should be writing loftier things I could spend half an hour linking them all in a clever fashion but you know who you are and that's what matters :), as well as a most informative commentary on far ranging matters from gossip about the manager of an American band that got one of my travelers into hot water, to the history of the golden delicious apple. Fabulous!

Now, for those who couldn't be arsed following the link, here's the bit of reading practice I mentioned above.

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Blogger Ann oDyne said...

as brides everywhere know, arrangements made too far in advance, get stuck with whatever weather hits the day, and we really needed milder weather for a very good time. You missed the gallery stasi pouncing on me for photographing Coppy next to the queens dress - now on her blog (Coppys not the queens)

re that lanauge ting: do primary skl teachers have theories about 'whole-word' reading tuition?

bough of a tree
bow to the queen
trough water
through road
slough off it's skin.

what a bitch it is to learn english AASL.

1:54 pm  
Blogger Pavlov's Cat said...

I can't tell you how much I envy you-all the girlybloggers' fashion trip to Bendigo. I would have so, so loved to be there.

9:59 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Pav it's a pity you didn't team up with Feminoz to drive with her from Adelaide. Now that is dedication to the blogging community!

4:47 pm  

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