Monday, December 29, 2008

there will be a slight delay while your request is being processed

949 posts to catch up on in bloglines
too many emails to wade through

...lets hope Qantas can keep all its bits on the plane as I leap across the Tasman once more.

PS: Hope your holidays are better than mine. Sorting out dementia daycare, a week of cleaning, assorted other domestic duties and grumpy old men and women does not a merry holiday make (even on a triple dose of St Johns Wort...)

Monday, December 15, 2008

shock horror - HRH Liz wears same outfit twice

82 year old monarch tells grandkiddies to reign it in these holidays so the common man won't feel as bad about the credit crunch. Liz plans to turn the lights out, maybe wear the same outfit more than once and hit the hay early with a mug of horlicks as a nod to the spirit of the Blitz credit crunch. More.

It would have taken too much time to write about police shooting a 15 year old boy (do you think 10 bullets in his never to be fully grown body is overkill in the truest sense of the word?) or the British verdict in a similarly misdirected kill...sorry still limited to 30 second posts.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

more numbers

78 -emails yet to read
1211 - feeds on blogger unread
2 - sleeps til the NB gets home
3 - working days scattered over the next week, til I am "on vacation"
11 - xmas presents to wrap and make tags for (some of those need to be bought first)
2/3 - book proposal completed

....can I be excused if you don't receive a Christmas card this year?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

yuppy phone pics of the week

Photos aren't a post? Really. Am shaping chapters as I speak!

accidental shots are sometimes the best - near Vic Market

Ghost bike for Carolyn Rawlins - Swanston Street

Not a clue but it doesn't worry me thanks! Quotes attributed to an imaginary friend - op shop, Brunswick

Pastie - near Vic Market

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