Wednesday, November 05, 2008

616 - lets party and worry about the mess tomorrow

I’m happy but still a bit nervous.

Being a tad pessimistic, I really didn’t think the good voting folk of the USA had it in them to vote for someone half of them would’ve wanted to lynch a couple of decades ago. This is truly monumental and now they’ve overcome the colour issue, hopefully it won’t be a big deal to elect a female president next time.

Oh, not Palin, hopefully she’ll crawl back to waving to Putin across the ditch. Now that really would be a monumental nightmare.

But once the party dies down – and the end of the Bush administration and all those associated with him really does deserve a party like no other, it is just another day tomorrow. All this talk of dreams, change and democracy still make me a little jittery in terms of policy and substance. The country is bankrupt, their national debt is in the trillions, Iraq is a mess and too many Americans still think they are on this earth to fire guns but not pay taxes.

It’s a bloody mess.

And it will take not just one person, regardless of being portrayed as part Martin Luther and part JFK, but a whole team of individuals who are visionary and can convince a nation to not just cast a vote but swallow up real change, whatever that may be.

But really, not a lot has changed – its president-elect ending his victory speech with “God bless America”. Same speech, different face.

Let’s hope there is some real change – that all citizens of the world’s leading superpower have access to free healthcare, social welfare and education. That it can play a mindful role in world politics rather resorting to using its strength to bully lesser nations.

So here’s to “an historic election”, here's to seeing the back of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld – the real axis of evil but lets just realise its another rich politician in power and there is one almighty mess to clean up.

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Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

I have posted that we are the 51st State and everbody should just get the REMO store Teeshirt and go with the flow.
I wish him well, and wish Miss Alaska good riddance.

6:36 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Is it wrong to admit that I turned the telly on at 2pm thinking I could catch a bit of Ready, Steady, Cook! and got hooked watching CNN's gawd-awful coverage? (So baaaaddd).

For the young, the black and the educated, this must offer at least some sliver of hope. And as for the rest of us, let's hope that Palin Horror buggers off back to Alaska for good. They can have 'er, I say.

Still, it was close to 50/50 wasn't it? Bloody hell...interesting times.

7:39 pm  
Blogger jo_blue said...

Such a positive step for a nation in dire straits. Let's all hope that he's not just talk. I was so happy to see him win that a celebration was definitely in order. Instead I settled for putting my children to bed knowing the the world is a better place with Bush out and Obama in. YAY!

2:01 pm  
Blogger docwitch said...

Oh yes - to all of this, as well as the comments above.

I feel a very mixed bag of emotions.

Those KKK knuckle-dragging specimens have pretty much declared a war on him already, and aim to knock him off, which was on the cards from the beginning. I don't think he's a martyr, I think he's a very, very courageous pragmatist. I am in awe of his courage actually.

Whatever happens from here on in, this is an extraordinary moment in history.

It is a little unnerving (and wonderful) when the first thing your Aussie six year old says to you when you meet her at her (Aussie) school gate is: "Obama won! Obama won!".

ann o'dyne said it: 51st state. Us.

9:39 pm  

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