Thursday, October 23, 2008

612 - quickie

Howler - headline of the day: Sarah Palin ‘considers herself intellectual’.

Reminds me of some classic New Zealand political graffiti about a Maori MP at the time:
A prominent right wing businessman erected a billboard in the mid ‘70’s with the words:
“Matt Rata reads comics”
Later someone scrawled on it:
“No he doesn’t he just looks at the pictures”

I wonder if recounting that makes me racist? But that means I’m sexist for thinking Palin aint the brightest light on the christmas tree?

Speaking of which - the big fake christmas tree is almost ready for action at City Square in Melbourne. It's October for f*cks sake!

Growler #1: The NB on the massage therapist as rapist post “But there were people around, why did no one complain?”. Oh boy, you are naked, vulnerable and this man parading as a therapist is groping you. Did you misinterpret that move he just made? He works here and I have to keep coming back to this gym, what if I just ignore him instead of complaining? Everyone else seems to like him, I must have got that wrong?

Growler #2: On a late afternoon tram. Group of four very rowdy (drunk or drug affected) kooris get on. One guy starts screaming verbal abuse at one of the women. I head up to the front where it is jam packed full of women trying to ignore what is going on. “Has anyone alerted the driver?”, I ask. They look kind of guilty, “That’s domestic violence going on down there”. But at that moment the four get off the tram, much to everyone’s relief.

The conversation following went something like:

“Oh, she’s following them”

“You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themself”

“She could have of jumped off the tram earlier and got away from him”

Oh boy!

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Blogger Lene Andersen said...

Yes, because getting away from the abusive bastard is HER responsibility alone. ARGH! How would you like strangers to act if it were you? Isn't that the litmus test??

2:47 pm  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

both growlers just leave me speechless.
We have to concede that the world IS this way, and that the fact that it is means hypocrisy is just RAMPANT. (which it is).
The tram driver is NOT going to help in any way; we all know that Good Samaritans get injured (and shot dead) so the only way to stop all this shit is to raise babies properly so that they do not become SOCIOPATHS.
That will happen right after World Peace and a Cancer Cure.

and re farcebook - "once a groupie, always a groupie" - I roared laughing thanks.

8:36 pm  
Blogger Bwca said...

Palin IS 'an intellectual' ... compared with George effn Bush.
The Joint Chiefs Of Staff and the backroom boys run the country anyhow.

8:40 pm  

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