Tuesday, October 21, 2008

611 - the stress made me do it!

Oh no another sexual criminal using the “stress excuse”.

Melbourne massage therapist, Adam Alikakos, is up on five charges of indecent assault and two of rape. He doesn’t appear to be denying the accusations and expects a custodial sentence according to The Age.

Mitigating circumstances? Stress.

Julie Sutherland, for Alikakos, said her client and his wife were under pressure from family and friends to have children and during the time of his offending he had become stressed out about their failure to do so.
"He said that over the years he felt more and more at fault as a man and more and more emasculated," she told the court.

Update 22.10.08: It seems the world can't get enough of Adam Alikakos. From Singapore to Moscow, Idaho - they've been googling him. With dozens of hits yesterday, looking just for him. I wonder if his aim in life was to be famous? For now, at least, he's getting his 15 minutes of glory.

You really do have to be careful for what you wish for.

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Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

a massage therapist with STRESS ?

wouldn't he have merely seen some other Massage Therapist to have said STRESS alleviated ?

OTOH he is a seriously fked-up person who is apparently unable to breed and that is no bad thing thank god.

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe it. Read some articles in The Age/Herald Sun etc.

I can't believe his unprofessional conduct went on so long without being reported, especially if some of his victims were actual Fitness First employees (as stated in The Age). Maybe he was really intimidating?

11:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that to understand the legal system in australia and why a person pleads guilty you need to go through it yourself people plead guilty every day because they cannot afford to go to court i know of this person and can tell you this that the girls in question one of whom is a solicitor has abused and used the system to her advantage and the police instrumental in helping her but remember one thing what goes around comes around.

12:46 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Anonymous: While there is always two sides to every story - you are implying here there is a miscarriage of justice. Yes that occurs and when it does it is very serious.

However, the case involved multiple incidences of sexual assault and rape. And with more than one woman? Are you saying there was no sexual behaviour or that the the victims consented willingly?

Anonymously spreading rumour and innuendo about a victim of crime, especially a sexual crime where the victim historically has been blamed, is also unethical. Cough up if you have any evidence!

I have worked for a leading massage association. I can assure you that even if both parties fully consent it is unethical for a massage therapist to have sex of any kind with a client and it is a slippery slope from there. A multiple offender really rouses suspicion.

1:40 pm  

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