Wednesday, October 01, 2008

602 - now you know what kind of broad you are dealing with!

Thanks to Doc Witch I now know just what kind of '30's classic screen star I am.

Ghetto superstar that is what you are, coming from afar, reaching for the stars... You are a citygirl at heart and your perseverence and sunny outlook on life are 2 of your most powerful attributes. Your loyalty and diligent nature should not be taken lightly either, and your easygoing demeanor helps you win friends wherever you go. However, that's not to say you let people take advantage of you. An attempt in doing so will result in your personal vendetta against them...maybe even for life. But with those you do get along with, you are a good listener, trustworthy confidant, and adored beyond words. Often times around your pals you're wild and crazy, but more reserved and even shy with your acquaintances and those you've only recently met. You're a very versatile actress, perhaps even the most versatile actress of all time, whom everyone, even your adversaries greatly respect.
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Blogger docwitch said...

Broads rock don't they? Barb had spunk. And I just want that hair!

10:01 pm  

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