Sunday, September 28, 2008

post-punk nostaligia part 1

A discussion about graffiti in the dazzling days of punk here in the Antipodes has sent me off on a jag of post-punk '80's kiwi music. Early music videos, poor production levels, dodgy sound quality and all - thanks to the kind you-tubing souls who've made this little trip possible.

Blam, Blam, Blam, "Don't fight it Marsha, its bigger than both of us". Ah, Don McGlashan I adored you from that moment in Orientation Week when I saw you play PVC pipes with jandals!

The Chills, "Pink Frost". How can any tribute to the '80's not include some Chills? This vid is a fine example of artistic expression in the new medium of music videos!

Look Blue Go Purple, "Cactus Cat" - worth seeing for the interview with the band bookending the clip (nice cat!) - and the need to ask "Are there any difficulty (sic) in being an all female band?" .

"The Verlaines, "Death and the Maiden". More cutting edge art interspersed with playing in the lounge room complete with fag stuck into the guitar and a white bunny. How can you not like a song with lyrics like "You're just too, too ob-scu-re for me"?

I was definitely a clone of those short haired girls jiggling in the background!

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Blogger Andra said...

on the nostalgia front, I've been wondering what's so familiar about the theme from The Hollowmen on ABC Wednesdays.

It's instrumental mix of "north by north" by the Bats (NZ). another one for the collective unconscious (me and my memories).

8:14 am  

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