Tuesday, August 12, 2008

on a sinking ship?

When I turned the MacBook on this morning I noticed the light on the power cord didn't come on. With a little investigation the cord or transformer appears to be cactus for some unknown reason. The computer was almost fully charged so I turned the screen brightness right down, made sure I wasn't charging the new yuppy phone or any other such power guzzling things.

All of a sudden my battery is discharging at the rate of 1% every 2 minutes. I'm transfixed watching the power percentage drop faster than the Australian dollar at the moment.

Any ideas what is going on?

Is it some kind of weird self sabotage because I have half the morning off and after a decent night of sleep I had earmarked a couple of hours for the writing project?

Update: for some reason dismantling the cord into its individual parts and leaving it alone for an hour seemed to have remedied it. Maybe the computer is jealous of the new iphone?

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Blogger Ed said...

Macbook Pro battery has been dead for six months. there again I've probably taken it portable about six times ever. $200 later...
What iPhone apps haveyou installed?

2:19 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

I dismantled the cord into all its parts and left it for an hour. Once reassembled it decided to work. I do use it on battery a lot though (like now, at work - one less thing to carry around) especially at airports and on planes which happens far too frequently for my liking at the moment.

Apps - only free ones thus far. Really have to find if something is worth it before buying any.

2:36 pm  
Blogger Melba said...

i'll send clokes, he might have an idea.


ps this is why i am a luddite at heart.

10:03 am  
Blogger Melba said...

oh he didn't visit? i told him to. will remind.

11:36 am  

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