Monday, August 18, 2008

do we really hate sluts?

This is the implication of a defamation case bought by entertainer Tania Zaetta, against the Daily Telegraph. To be exact, she claims that by implying she had sex on a concert tour of the troops in Afghanistan, it made her look like a “slut”. She concluded this injured her reputation by bringing "public scandal, odium and contempt".

Odium is an interesting word. The Oxford dictionary defines it as “general or widespread hatred or disgust”.

So do we really hate sluts?

Slut: (noun) a slovenly or promiscuous woman.

I’d take greater offence at being called slovenly, than promiscuous. Some of the nicest sluts I know are very clean and well presented and would feel slighted, probably to the point of a civil action like Ms Zaetta, if they were called such. But promiscuous, is that really so bad?

Wanton, floozy, harlot, hussy, all similes for promiscuous, I’d be flattered quite frankly.

So in defense the allegations against Zanetta – who after all bought great joy into our lives co-hosting “Who Dares Wins” and doing photo shoots for FHM – perhaps this week we can all get in touch with our inner slut or hussy.

But just don’t slip up on the personal hygiene.

courtesy of the entertainer's website

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Blogger Melba said...

sorry aof. i can do slovenly and slatternly and sometimes a bit fruity. but i can't do slut. and therefore because i'm not one, i probably hate them.

yes, i'm a bit of a sluttist.

my tongue is in my cheek, in case you don't realise.

5:20 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

A slutist is just a slip of the tongue to a slutartist :)

8:02 pm  

great discussion, it takes all sorts to make the world

7:00 pm  

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