Monday, August 11, 2008

..and they called it Yuppy love...

Need I say more?



Blogger Melba said...

so you got it??

is it good? princess said she wants one. i said get real.

i guess no harm in her asking.

10:07 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Yes - as promised Virgin delivered. Got a great deal.

What I like: the fact it syncs with a mac (most other phones don't), i now use my calendar, its an ipod too so only one piece of technology to carry around with me, having some of my digital photo album with me, notes - I am a compulsive list maker - the note application is used on an almost daily basis, i have used the calculator twice in the first week.

What I don't like: confusion as to download charges (but the good news people is the carrier wiped the first weeks bill of download charges when I talked to them today - it seems they gave me no info about these when I carried my plan over from my antiquated phone). There are lots of pretty bells and whistles but I'm going to hang off with them til I find out what the real usage costs of them are.

I don't care - about some of the limitations - the relatively poor quality camera, not being able to do video calls, no photo sending to other phones - my old phone had none of that, so am not missing it.

Of course princess wants one but tell her when she has her own business and can use it as a business expense - then she can get one!

10:22 am  

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