Monday, July 28, 2008

really, we'll miss him when he's gone

..won't we?


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

knitting in unexpected places

Winter is Hobart has many unexpected pleasures, if you are dressed warmly enough to enjoy them.

Glad to see someone has been looking after Louis and his faithful husky Joe.

You've got to love radical crafters in public places!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

overheard #1

Overheard in a city lunchbar.

It was so funny, in LA they’d say “Have a nice day” but mean “Go fuck yourself”. And in New York they’d say “Go fuck yourself” but mean “Have a nice day”.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

fashion meme

From Melba - a meme I feel reluctant to undertake, the reasons will soon become obvious. Quite frankly I’d have more to say in a “Fashion Disasters” meme than one focused on favourites. But here we go.

WHEN I was 1, my parents dressed me in...
Hand me downs I guess. I was the third child.

WHEN I was 5, I dressed myself in...
My aunt made me a particularly fetching psychedelic jump suit (a legless number) with wrap-around matching mini skirt.

WHEN I was 7, my favourite outfit was...
My lace up boots – they were cool but my friend Johanna had this amazing vinyl zip up dress that I oh-so-wanted.

MY favourite school photo outfit was...
Well it certainly wasn’t the ugly mustard coloured skivvy I wore on the first day my new school opened. That picture of the whole school is probably a museum piece now. Thankfully it was in black and white.

Exhibit A: You see what I mean?

IN high school the fashion trend I started was...
Gosh was it the shiny yellow flares – or was I just following the crowd?

ON my first date the outfit I wore was...
Now which first date was that? There have been so many of them. In my teens I loved flouncy silken tops and skinny jeans. I’m pretty sure that was what I was wearing to begin with on the night I “lost” my virginity (really that is such a stupid word, I always thought of it as shared”). It wasn’t a first date though.

FOR my high school formal I wore...
I didn’t have a school formal or not one in the same terms that it is meant in this part of the world. Any school dances I went to I had a habit of dressing in jeans. When I was really dressing up I tended to favour trashy lingerie and fishnet stockings. But that was for nights beyond the school gates.

Can I just redeem myself for a moment and say that at my last graduation I wore a tasteful red, French, vintage, above the knee frock. Stay ups but not fishnets and some killer heels.

AT my 21st I wore...
I have a sneaking suspicion I wore trousers, possibly the azure flowing ones that I loved so much at the time. It was a pretty casual affair. Pixie, can you remember? There was good champagne though.

THE oldest item of clothing I still wear is...
The oldest I own is my mum’s gold lurex top from the ‘60s. It’s got a hole in it now so it doesn’t really get much of a wearing anymore.

THE item of clothing I wish I still had was...
Almost any from 20 years ago if I could still fit it!

MY current favourite item of clothing is...
My dressing gown. White, man-size, toweling. I do resent having to get dressed some days.

Ok it’s a meme folks, so that means please take it and play with it. I’m not tagging anyone but I want everyone of you whose read this to give it a go (and that includes you Ms O’Dynne and Ms Pixie!).

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

a sign?

The day that the new iPhones go on the market in Australia, the screen cracks on my very old, rudimentary mobile phone.

Do a wait a couple of weeks to let the hype settle and see if any other carriers come on board?*

The problem is, bar one very annoying issue with shared networks in New Zealand limiting my ability to text 90% of the people I know in that country, I am very happy with my chosen carrier. I can get a great capped rate with various handy features for a pittance. Only one of the three iPhone carrying companies is selling them upfront and that gets caught up in a $80 spend before you can switch networks (or pay it outright to get it unlocked).

My network has whispered that I should hold tight for a couple of weeks, they can't announce anything yet but they will soon be carrying the new whizz bang phone.

Anyone got any inside goss?

* Ok I am shallow. I am a Mac loving ludite and when the apple nips you, it gets you hard. Pathetic really, I know. As you can see if this is the greatest thing of concern in my life right now I really have nothing to complain about.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

she drinks bottled water cos its healthy

Woman: late teens early 20’s
Location: convenience store, Bourke St, 9.25 am

Purchases: 1 packet cigarettes
1 packet (small) flavoured crisps
1 bottle (small) Fiji water

Really, sweetie I’d think that the “toxins” in Melbourne water are the least of your worries.

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