Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sam takes a break

Too little too late, after all it has been eight weeks since the infamous Caroline Wilson dummy affair. This is nothing to do with Nine respecting women, more about major sponsors pulling their advertising on the show, with Crazy Johns intimating they'd follow the lead of the ANZ. Now the Nine damage control crew are intimating health reasons and counseling for Newman to be sidelined til this persistent issue blows over. It's a big steaming turd really, if this was the case they would have done something about it two months ago - it is only about money and ratings.

On that note as much as I think financial institutions are the residency of the devil, the ANZ has pulled two ethical rabbits out of the hat of late. They were first cab off the rank to ditch the Footy Show citing the misogynistic stunt and this week announced they wouldn't back Gunns pulp mill in Tasmania. Are they going to the wall or having a most out of character attack of conscience?

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