Wednesday, May 28, 2008

random tales from the city

There is a sign in the window of a Bourke Street café that has been bugging me. “Experienced Coffee Maker Wanted” is scrawled in an unsteady hand on a tacky piece of paper. Something has since been covered over and other words added to it in the month or so since it has been stuck on the glass. Otherwise it looks like quite a good café – stylish without being over bearing, yet still comfortable. Every morning that I pass it, it is empty unlike others in the same strip. Perhaps the punters would feel more comfortable in this coffee obsessed city if the ad asked for a barista?

This winter those old style, chunky patterned jumpers and cardigans are in. They remind me of something some Scandinavian buck would have worn swooping down the slopes on his wooden skis circa 1955. But these little numbers are made in China and though alluding to warmth are mostly acrylic. Lars would have died in hypothermia if he’d tried to ski in such a garment.

A pilates studio in Little Collins Street advertises a “Casual Breathing Class”. I don’t know about you but I breath very formally. In and out. As little variation to the rhythm as possible.

I’ve just noticed my gmail account announces to me “You are invisible.”

Ah that explains a lot!

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Blogger Lad Litter said...

Ann O'Dyne put me onto your blog and I'm delighted to hear that all of the horrendously out of fashion jumpers I still have from the 80s can now be worn. Don't know if I'm game to, but they're pure wool at least. Acrylic? Eeewwwww!

3:14 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Welcome LL - any friend of Ms O'Dyne (aka Withnail) is a friend of the 'rants. Now put on that comfy wee starsky and hutch woolen number an pull up a seat.

5:46 pm  

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