Friday, May 09, 2008

goggle eyed in Melbourne

After the last post everything else just seems shallow. So if I am going to dive to the depths of mediocrity I am going to do it with the best of the dross. Life without a TV is going well, thank you very much but we’ve hardly been starved of screen-based entertainment. And no, life is not at all lessened without the tiniest smidge of big bro 08.

We've delightfully found all of session 4, thus far, of Doctor Who on Youtube. You don’t need a link but the episode guide on the Beeb is a good help. So far there are 5 episodes cut into 10 minute pieces and we’re hoping that number 6 (spoiler: the Doctor’s daughter) will find its way to the web sometime this weekend.

Speaking of television stations holding back on programs they’ve bought til a time that it suits their ratings, 10’s been hogging Flight of the Conchords since at least September last year and it will finally be on free-to-air starting from this Sunday night (10pm or so if I remember correctly). Do yourself a favour and watch it. It is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years, though I could be biased because I am secretly in love with Bret.

But the highlight of the weekend for anyone in Melbourne is the St Kilda Film Festival. A world renowned festival of short films that has been amusing locals for the last 25 years. Thanks to the lovely unknown angel who popped my name on the opening night invite list a few years back I get a peek at the best of the crop each year. They were all good. Please don’t make me choose. Ok – if I must, it is “The Funk” written and directed by Chris Jones and produced by the delightful Melanie Coombs. It is very Melbourne, short, pithy and to the point. Mel, if you don’t know her, was the producer of Harvie Krumpet, the woman who graced the Oscars stage a couple of years ago.

Have a great weekend.

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