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How will a mega-tunnel save the Melbourne public transport crisis? State taxpayers have forked out $5mil for a report, which was finally submitted this week. The Eddington report has concluded that 2 massive tunnels under the inner suburbs is the major cure-all for the city’s transport woes. But they’ll throw in a railway line as well. While paradoxically the report acknowledges that carbon emissions will rise unacceptably without fixing and expanding the public transport infrastructure, it still thinks siphoning more cars and trucks through the city is the best fix.

Wake up people! The Eastern freeway once had plans for a tram route, wouldn’t that relieve some of the pressure? Of course the $20 billion worth of roads will be another “public-private partnership” – and as anyone who has travelled at peak hour on the upgraded Tullamarine or the Monash Freeways know, you pay a heavy price to sit in a car park parading as a major arterial.

Melbourne has the opportunity to take a visionary leap to a city that relies less on cars and more on mass transport. Want people to leave their vehicles at home? Make trams and trains free – after all we are propping up the private operators to the tune of millions each year as it is.

But more big tunnel to create less traffic jams? Go back to the drawing board Rod.

See Edington’s grand plan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I know I'm late with this one, but I am with you. Each train currently can hold about 1000 people or about the same number as 850 cars. I read that that many cars will fill a five lane freeway for a kilometre! More trains will get more people onto them. The car freaks say public transport is crappy, slow and infrequent. Make it good, quick and often. Presto! people WILL use it. As for the fools that want exits from the stupid tunnel into Nicholson, Smith, Rathdowne Streets. Sillies, we already have them. They are called Nicholson, Smith and Rathdowne Streets!

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