Sunday, February 03, 2008

updated links

I am a very slack housekeper. At long last I have updated my links. I am always reluctant to remove a link in the hope that a blogger will return one day. Cruising my Bloglines and other lists of favourites on the trusty MacBook I feel nostalgia for some bloggers missing in action - Greg the boyfriend, Fluffy as a cat, the jaded DJ, the flying kiwi.

In the links you will see that I come out as a peruser of craft. Strange as I have zero skills in that area but there is something fascinating about watching the industry of others.

All things food and food link related is of course in my own dedicated blog confessions of a food nazi.

Feb Fast Update
In the first day and a half I have had 3 social offers to consume some of this

(including a very delightful blog meet) but am valiantly soldiering on. Though a friend, who I'm sure never had any intention of Feb Fasting unless she happened to fall into a coma, texted me at 6pm on the 1st to inform me that her fast had lasted to only 5.30 on the first day.

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Blogger Dysthymiac said...

I used to like Confessions Of A Jaded DJ too.
I note you link to Anonmynous effing Lefty - please aler me if he EVER comes here to comment.
FluffyAsACat said she would be at the blogmeet and I am very sorry to have missed you and her.
We had a lot of fun a long time ago selling a frying pan on BeBay.
The effing farrier came at 6:15 after saying 3pm.

7:16 pm  

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