Friday, February 01, 2008

not quite Feb Fast

I’m raising a glass of sparkling mineral water to all those embarking on a grog-free month, with a special shout out to the odd bloggers who have gone public about joining Feb Fast.

I heard about it first through RRR and a little delving into the organization has shown it to be sound and worthy – using the idea of going alcohol free for a month to increase awareness about substance abuse issues and fundraising for the cause.

The site points out a few factoids like:

In Australia, the annual cost to the community of alcohol-related social problems was estimated to be $7.6 billion in 1998-99.

It is estimated that 459,400 Australians consume alcohol at levels considered to be high risk to health in the long-term (AIHW 2005)

The impact of alcohol problems upon workplaces in Australia is significant, costing business at least $1.9 billion per year.

The Significant Eater and I have contracted to avoid alcohol this month with our own prearranged exceptions – interstate/overseas visitors (it’s OK Pixie I’ve got a leave pass for our time together in Melbourne!) and a birthday. I’ve also sponsored a couple of people who are going the whole hog.

So I’ll just have to wait a few weeks before posting about the lovely raspberry infused vodka I’ve made and darn it, no mojitos with the duty free tequila I bought back from New Zealand.

Here’s to a healthy and happy month.

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Blogger Bwca said...

It is well-documented that alcohol attacks every organ of the human body, whereas ... heroin only attacks three of 'em.
TYours sincerely,
Women's Temperance Union
(Lips that touch liquor,
shall never touch mine)

8:23 pm  
Blogger Lost in a reverie... said...

Lovely to meet you and R too! It was great to match blogs with faces. You're now on my blogroll.

Best of luck with the Febfast...


7:35 pm  
Blogger alexis said...

Speaking of lips that touch liquor, my dad, brung up in the Methodist Church, had to sign the Pledge when he was 7. The evils of alcohol were demonstrated with the drowning of an earthworm in a jar of metho. Twenty years later, he decided that his pledge wasn't morally binding.

5:07 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Thank the pagan goddess having a bit of an agreement with my partner about when we will drink this month has got nothing to do with religion! I just wish we'd thought of a suitable penance if one of us breaks it (a month of massage anyone?)!

5:20 pm  

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