Thursday, February 21, 2008

get out your magnifying glass

I'm not usually lured by tabloid headlines but was curious by The Age's tag Kidman Shows of Baby Bump".

Is that a bump or has she just eaten lunch for a change?

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Blogger dysthymiac said...

the pregnancy is a miracle,
given her BMI must be about 16, her age,
and the drug-addled condition of The Donor's body.
I wonder will she qualify for the Baby Bonus?
I wonder if that gown cost more than The Baby Bonus.

10:14 pm  
Blogger Boysenberry said...

AOF, you must have read my mind. :) I was opting for smuggling something for the other half personally.

7:30 am  
Blogger alice said...

Baby bump? It's still flatter than mine, and I am not up the duff.

5:33 pm  
Blogger dysthymiac said...

ooh Rants - I just noticed you think craft is your dirty little secret. You are not a lost cause until you link to bloody Posy Gets bloody Cosy - she is total craft pron. abandon hope all she who enters there. be warned

(I'll bet most of your craft links link to her)

12:35 am  
Blogger Mel said...

it's gas...

11:29 am  

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