Friday, January 25, 2008

ning nong still getting international publicity

That bad party boy, who was considering a career in carpentry has decided it's just too much hard work and with the help of a manager has launched himself as a Gen Z party planner.

Only worth a mention as the Brits continue to lap up the story, even the BBC is keeping the public abreast of events in Delaney Land.

Not so strange after all when you think it's a nation whose image of Australia is dominated by the worst of our soaps.

Me thinks Corey will get a guest role any day now as Summer Bay's newest bad boy. What do you reckon?

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Blogger Bwca said...

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9:36 pm  
Blogger Bwca said...

Of course a 16 year-old boy is totally silly.
Of course he would NOT realise the inevitable outcome of his advertising of the party.
His parents should be charged with child neglect for going interstate and leaving him alone.
The Media is the real enemy.
They need to sensationalise every single thing to justify their own existence.
They hound the weakest in the herd until it falls: Diana, Britney. Lohan, and the late Mr Ledger's "still warm" body, fer chrissakes.

9:37 pm  

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