Thursday, January 24, 2008



1. Start a worm farm. It’s been weird not having a compost bin for the last few months. It feels absolutely wrong to throw all those organically grown food scraps in the bin.

2. The new garden bed is in and the lime has been severely pruned (wrong time of year I know but the deck needed to be built) and moved. Just have to wait and see if all the good intentions have worked. Bibi dutifully buried beneath it. Did I tell you that just after the internment under the lime tree, a butterfly came to visit us and hovered around the two of us and the lime for some time?

3. Plant something edible that can stand up to another couple of months of hot weather. Pity the bean and tomato planting season is long gone. still too hot, fried the cos lettuce - will try again later

4. Take more photos. Post holiday the camera has been ignored. Maybe do a belated pic-a-day blogpost.

5. Play with collage (sticky finger style with paper images).

6. Find a suitable water tank.

7. New fence, now put back another couple of weeks – will hopefully signal the end of all the backyard blitzing. I have been more patient with the progress than I expected. Really hope the new pull out clothesline is operational by the end of the day (ditto ‘wrongness’ when it comes to using a dryer in summer).

8. Get toilet fixed (only 18 months old but wont stop running, necessitating manual filling – no one can work out how to take the lid off so will leave it til the plumber comes to get the water tank operational).

9. Throw out more junk. Already done one op shop run (it must be karma that these days I give more away to the op shops than I’ve bought from them) of clothes that don’t fit or look right no matter how expensive they were to buy.

10. Move body more – it’s got to be a healthier option than liposuction.


Shadows: Tai chi with Christmas baubles

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Blogger Ed said...

Are you sure about moving more? Steady on.

2:14 pm  
Blogger Bwca said...

Here's what I know to be true about Giving Good Clothes To The OpShop when they are too small - You will immediately lose 20 kgs and wish you had them back.
It's an evil world.

re the eternally filling cistern: obviously the floating ball thing is stuck in the up-est position.
Are you sure you cannot get top off?
good luck

2:44 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Ed - Some days are a battle to remove the macbook from my lap, which pins me down to the nearest horizontal surface!

Bwca - got lots of fix-it type, bloke friends to have a go but even they are stumped. As for the weight loss strategy, it hasn't worked so far but I live in hope though if even I lost 20kg I'd look like I have a ghastly disease.

2:53 pm  

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