Friday, November 23, 2007

friday quickie

Has anyone noticed there is an election this weekend?

Even if I had been living in a communications blackout I would have cottoned onto something happening. You see being a very small business person (and a short one at that) around budget time, when a rate rise is expected to be announced or on the verge of the ‘nation deciding’- people spend less. I don’t believe it is a conscious thing for most people, unlike that dip late January/early February when the Christmas credit card bills roll in. Just as we stop at intersections for red lights, the collective discretionary spending unconscious is hovering on the amber at the moment. While I am optimistic regardless of whoever wins, work will get back to normal this week – I have the luxury of longer lunchbreaks and time to catch up with admin this week.

The State government seems to have noticed attention is elsewhere. How else could they show off their plans for the new kiddies hospital with barely a comment. A HOTEL in Royal Park, a beautiful public space, peoples! Isn’t anyone else aghast at that use of the parkland? Who else shudders at the ‘public private partnership’ tag slapped on yet more valuable public infrastructure? Some of us got upset when maccas moved into the hospital, under this type of deal it is unlikely to stop there. More sick food for sick kids. Bugger the aquariums and private rooms, wake up and see what is really happening.

Back home, one deck is now completed and the remaining excavated garden has turned into an informal swimming pool when the rain came down this week. Creating a new garden so far has required a digger and an excavator, an electrician and 3 visits from the plumber (there was a storm out between 2 tradies) as well as many blisters on the hands of the Not Boyfriend and the budding carpenter friend.

As we go into an interesting weekend – I’ll leave you with a gratuitous pussy shot, surveying the progress a couple of weeks ago.

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