Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the week that almost was

I don’t know. If I walk or cycle to work will it halt global warming in its tracks? If I put in a water tank (estimated cost for a small one $1000+, installation $1000-25000, with up to 36 weeks waiting time) will it stop food prices going up because of the drought? If I have to fly to NZ 6 times a year to help my aging parents, can I grow enough trees to offset the carbon?

Amidst the men bloated with self importance crowing about how we can save the planet, or their own skin at least, with oxymoronic wonders like clean coal - the cost of fuel, water and food keeps rising. Like the rat on the wheel, we have to work harder just to keep up with yet another interest rate rise that we were promised would never happen. We are the generation that was raised on the fairy tale about a life of leisure time, that most will never attain because the government keeps pushing the retirement age up and super is not making the investment returns necessary to enjoy years of healthy older age. Only a handful of us work the 3 day week myth we invisaged and for all our forward planning are met with a weird mix of scorn and resentment from those who feel they have no choice but be over-employed to keep their head above water, or buy the latest plasma screen.

In the meantime I have become a tax collector and dutifully spent far too many of my precious ‘non work’ hours in the past week, processing my GST and juggling how long I can put off paying my work rent and other bills to avoid a late payment and one of those nasty flags the ATO has a habit of slapping on your file.

When the going gets tough, there is no better place to be than the movies. Escapism Central took me to the bleak world of Manchester to see “Control”, the gritty dramatisation of the life of Ian Curtis. I fell in love with Joy Division all over again, as you do. Then a touch of light relief after I contemplated my cash flow predicament, for an hour or two in the dark with assorted pensioners to watch “Death at a funeral”. If you have ever taken hallucinogenic drugs in your life, then you will likely find this hilarious.

In the end laughter is better medicine than tuning into the lies spouted from all sides of the election debate. So bugger it, I think I will skip the country for the weekend and go somewhere with green rolling hills, more water than you can poke a stick at and not a politician in sight.

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Blogger The Editter said...

You'll probably bump into politicians on the street/shopping/in cafes here, as you do - but not Australian politicians...

10:37 am  
Blogger Pixie said...

yeah there are plenty of poli's in wgtn, but you maybe won't even recognise them. Hello from SF, it's fantastic. parts of it like Melbourne, I need to visit with an eater of significance. The earth moved, alas, it was just an earthquake, no big deal, but rare here, spooking the locals. off to NY for Halloween....more time tripping. People are fantastic, and I've been to all the famous places. having a great time, wish you were here, for sure. Hope the NZ trip goes okay, and you get some fresh air from Jane.

3:03 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Ah Pixie in SF and NY - how I wish I was boarding a plane in that direction!

Ed, Pix is right. Apart from the PM (who i interviewed as an under graduate when she was a lowly back bencher) I don't know any of them any more :))

7:33 am  

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