Sunday, October 07, 2007

tune in, switch off but don't drop out

Why I’m switching ON today

While some other bloggers are making a point to “switch off” for 24 hours, once more I will be swimming against the tide. I am not a rampant advocate of the unnecessary use of resources. In everyday life I endeavour to walk, cycle or catch the tram wherever I can. My arguments with the NB about use of the heating and cooling are legendary. I do love the planet - but for me, today it’s going to be business as usual.

This decision was made even before I saw that Peter Garrett has put his hand up for the big switch off. His signing up has just been an added turn off of another kind. What credibility has that guy got left after he backed Gunns all the way to the poll this week? While the organisers of today’s event have no obvious link to the government, actions such as this further validate the incumbent’s policy to suck the little folk with campaigns such as “I can do that”, while shifting the resources issue sideways with such misguided schemes as water desalination. Sure we have a water crises but employing this type of technology only adds to global warming through the massive power usage of such plants.

Until we start looking at the health of the planet holistically, until we make no differentiation between business and home use of resources (places like Crown Casino pay a pittance for their power compared to the valiant domestic user who thinks they are saving the planet by turning off the phone charger at the wall when not using it), until politicians stop trying to hoodwink us with ludicrous ‘solutions’ like nuclear or making us think that coal can ever be clean – switching off for the day will make no difference.

For the benefit of your psyche by all means declare today the perfect day to walk to the park for the picnic. Sit around this evening telling stories rather than watching TV, trawling the net or bashing the xbox. Sing a cappella. Spend time with your family. All these things can benefit the soul. But the planet needs extraordinary individuals to change governments, think laterally, support innovative science and be prepared to sacrifice more than the Sunday night movie.

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Blogger The Daily Magnet said...

It's a joke isn't it - like the wasteful consumption of water by business and government depts(like the water corp in Leederville when they water their lawns excessively & in the middle of the day).

All designed for the touchy-feely warm & fuzzy superficial mind-numbed plebs who swallow all the government's(& opposition's) tripe without giving it a second thought.

3:58 pm  

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