Friday, October 19, 2007

politicus interuptus

The angel of death is hovering over my family again. A ridiculous statement from an athiest I know. We are waiting to find out if my father has a second nasty cancer. In the meantime my mother is not exactly blooming in good health and I live in another country away from them. I would guess that if the family doctor dials international to speak to you off his own bat, then there is little space for optimism.

I type this while my partner's family is visiting from interstate. I left the dinner table because this is day 7 and we are having the same discussion about politics...again. Is that rude of me to get up before they finish eating, contemplate playing tetris on facebook and do a quick blog instead? Let's just call it a survival mechanism.


Blogger JahTeh said...

If I'd had a blog when I was married I'd have been undercover so deep the CIA wouldn't have found me and I would have unloaded heaps. I didn't even dare keep a diary in case it was found. Fortunately humans seem to have a good memory for bad times.

11:26 pm  
Blogger The Daily Magnet said...

Hell no! Rude... rude is when you turn the tureen of beef goulash over on top of your father in law's head because you desperately need to get away.

Stop self-flagellating or at least admit that you like it.

It's ok to take your own space & not feel guilty(anybody would think you were catholic!).

Just take a breath and walk away - freedom, it's an incredible gift.

Hope things get better. x

2:03 am  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

delighted to discover your blog through the comment you left on mine. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad... awful awful awful and I feel the awfulness every day myself... when you live in Melbourne, Qld mostly feels like another country and that's where my Mum and ailing Dad live.
Speaking to a colleague today going through the same thing with an ill father in Sydney.
We are not alone but it makes nothing easier.
Thoughts are with you, and my bloglines are with you now too.

5:57 pm  

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