Tuesday, October 23, 2007

maybe I'll walk to work today

This morning there has been the 3rd tram-to-tram collision in a month.

Another good reason to not privatise public assets.

Speaking of which, I had a minor gas leak that the plumber found yesterday. I was told to call the gas company. Their guy turned up in half an hour, looked at the connection and said are you sure there is a leak? My plumbers apprentice got his magic spray out, gave it a squirt and the gas company bloke sighed. You could see he really didn’t want to do anything about it.

Well, he said. I can tighten the connection on MY side of the gas meter but you will have to pay someone to fix the connection on the OTHER side. Really I should switch the gas off and you might have to wait a couple of days til someone else can come out and do it but since I know your plumber I will trust him to get the job done.

He got out his shifter, tightened it and wandered off.

More privatisation gone mad.


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