Thursday, October 18, 2007

election issues: shifting allegiences

You've got to love Rod Quantock. I do wonder if the guy ever gets paid for his gigs these days as he is always the first to put his hand up to support worthy causes. He's equal opportunity too when it comes to political parties, with a recent gig for the Greens and another later in the month for Socialist Alliance.

The ACTU are also getting into the equal op. business over the Work Choices issue, with their announcement that they will hand out how to vote cards for any party that is commited to abolishing the legislation.

Hot on the heels of the Electrical Trades Union shift away from supporting Labour, with a financial pledge for the Greens in this election, it is beginning to look like the latest Liberal ad linking the ALP with the unions is yet another case of misleading advertising.

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Blogger JahTeh said...

That photo just about sums up this entire crap election and good on the ACTU. My sister's a nurse and is involved in this current dispute and they're using IR laws to bully the nursing staff.

11:22 pm  

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